Impressions of trainings

Wondo Genet Training June-May 2017

Participants of the training at Wondo Genet College


From 29th of May until 2nd of June 2017 ARBONETH held a participatory training workshop for the two project paraecologists as well as for 19 horticulturists from the Wondo Genet College and from the neighbouring village.


The workshop aimed to broaden the understanding of ecological processes that are relevant for plant propagation and cultivation.


Other aims of the project were to deepen the understanding of horticultural techniques and reflect on challenges of giving and receiving instructions and of working in teams.
The workshop was jointly facilitated by Ms. Seble Metefaria, Wondo Genet College, and Dr. Ute Schmiedel, Hamburg University, and supported by Mr. Sintayehu Tamene, Wondo Genet College.

Paraecologist programme

ARBONETH employs two paraecologists ( in Wondo Genet for the entire running period of the project (form 2015 to 2018). The paraecologists are members of local communities, who support the work around the Wondo Genet tree nursery and arboretum with their local knowledge. Two trainers and supervisors of the paraecologists, Ms. Seble Metafaria and Mr. Sintayehu Tamene from Wondo Genet are trained and supported Dr. Ute Schmiedel from Hamburg University.

The training workshops comprise theoretical and practical training sessions. During the training workshop in 2015, for instance, the participants exercised to take pictures of a plant for documentation and identification purposes.

The two AROBNETH paraecologists Serawit Tassew (left) and Sintayehu Tufa (right) with Ms. Seble Metaferia (paraecologist trainer) during the training workshop in Wondo Genet in 2017.

Workshop participants at work during the training workshop held in Wondo Genet in 2017 where paraecologists, nursery workers and college gardeners participated.

SAGA GIS Training 2016

SAGA GIS TRAINING by M. Bock and J. Wehberg in October 2016 at Hotel Celeste in Addis Ababa

List of participants
SAG GIS Training
ARBONETH SAGA GIS participants contacts
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Plant diversity assessment and monitoring

Training at the Wondo Genet College for Forestry and Natural Resources from

april 25th – 28th 2016 by Dr. Jens Oldeland of the University of Hamburg.

The focus is on the definition of biodiversity and its importance for the whole ecosystem.


Copyright by Dr. Jens Oldeland

Handout ARBOPRO Plant Diversity Assessment and Monitoring
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List of participants
ARBONETH 04.2016 Oldeland Wondo BIODIV
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GIS and R training

Impressions of the GIS and R training by Miguel Alvarez (Vegetation Ecology, INRES, University of Bonn, Germany) and Peter Borchardt (Biogeography and Landscape Ecology, University of Hamburg, Germany) from november 9th - 13th 2015.


Copyright by Dr. Miguel Alvarez

Handout GIS and R training
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List of participants
ARBONETH 11.2015 Alvarez Addis Ababa QG
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