Konso's nurseries and natural forests

My name is Derk Schneider and I am studying teaching degree for secondary school at university Hamburg, with the primary subject geography. Between January 15th 2018 and February 20th 2018 I conducted the fieldwork for my master´s thesis in Konso (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region), Ethiopia.

Aims and Objectives

During thesis work 4 nurseries run by the KDA, a local NGO were evaluated. Stock was taken and seedling numbers plus species were recorded. The main goal was to assess the output of the nurseries and rate the potential for natural forest protection. Furthermore the fieldwork included the evaluation of natural regeneration and species composition on 12 different vegetation plots around Karat (Konso). The main objective here was to gather information about the general condition of the vegetation particularly the few remaining natural forests.

Proportion of seedling species raised In KDA nurseries in Konso

Distribution of the Regeneration Index (RI/ha) by plot number and area type (NF=Natural Forest; RF=Reforested Area; AF=Agroforestry)


The tree nurseries play a decisive role for the protection of the remaining natural forests in Konso. Whilst the nursery seedlings are crucial for the regeneration on agroforestry plots and for reforestation, these practices can reduce the utilization pressure on the natural vegetation. Although highly degraded the remaining mountain forests show an intact regeneration and stand a chance to recover. Furthermore the cultivation of mainly indigenous seedlings has to be regarded as very positive since large parts of other regions in Ethiopia are dominated by exotic tree plantations.