My name is Andrea Wiltschek. For the data collection of my bachelor thesis, which I wrote in the 6th semester of my geography studies at the University of Hamburg, I worked in the Menagesha Ledeta Maryiam Church Forest in Central Ethiopia, Oromia Regional State in July 2017. The Church Forest is located about 30km west of the capital Addis Ababa. 


My bachelor thesis is titled "The natural regeneration of tree species in the Menagesha Ledeta Mariyam Church Forest, Central Ethiopia." The focus of my work was to analyse the natural regeneration of trees with regard to the protection of indigenous species in the Church Forest. I studied twelve examination areas in the forest for their species inventory and calculated the regeneration index of juvenile plants.

The figure shows an aerial view of the Church Forest and the location of the twelve examination areas. Depending on which tree species dominated an area, a certain area type was attributed to it.





this pie chart shows the percentage of trees recorded on all twelve areas (598 individuals)





and this pie chart shows the percentage of seedlings (1,260 individuals) recorded on all twelve areas


The aim of the study was to assess the regeneration status of the Church Forest. I came to the conclusion that the Church Forest has a good rejuvenation, especially of indigenous tree species. 

Tree nurseries are becoming increasingly important to prevent the anthropogenic loss of forests in Ethiopia. The results of my study can be used by the planned nursery at Menagesha Ledeta Mariyam Church Forest. The information on the species inventory of the forest can form the basis for deciding which species should be planted for optimal protection of indigenous tree species. 

Carbon sequestration in the Bole Bulbulla Church Forest

My name is Galina and I am studying Geography Master of Science in the 6th semester. I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from the 26th of October to the 30th of November 2017 for my master thesis.


My case study is the Bole Bulbula Felege Yordanos Kidus Michael ena Abune Tekele Hayimanot monastery in Woreda 12, Bole Kefele Ketema , Addis Ababa I was taking soil and vegetation samples to analyze the carbon stock potential and sequestration in this forest regarding the climate change mitigation and adaptation in Ethiopia. In addition I was investigating the woody composition to collect data for the National Reforestation Program and future tree nurseries.

















Me identifying a shrub in the BB forest